Portfolio Categories

This are the categories I has just create to split my ideas. Watch them now... tomorrow I will change them

Bike & Vectors

This is about Bike & Vectors. Surprise? If the title is Bike & Vectors... Are you waiting for something different?. Ok, may be it's more than that

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Guess... VR46 is not a new special drug. It's about Valentino Rossi and all his madness inside and outside the tracks

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Cinema & TV

I watch a lot of TV. May be too much. I watch a lot of movies too. So, when i'm not dreaming on bikes, i'm thinking about TV and movies

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All other things, dreams and nightmares that appears when I'm drawing something you think you can draw in a better way

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My Recent Works

This are the last things I upload to this site. I've uploaded other personal things to Facebook and Instagram but I will not let you watch it, at least, you start to say how wonderful are the following works